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Genius NLP - Transforming the understanding, teaching and practice of NLP in business

Training, books and other excellent resources from one of the world's most innovative, creative and experienced trainers today, Peter Freeth.

You can find out about Peter's books, watch videos, join free taster and refresher sessions in the UK, discover NLP Business Practitioner, Business Master Practitioner and Business Trainer Training in the UK and exotic locations around the world every year, and with IBNLP and SNLP certified training, you have everything you need for your professional NLP journey.

Peter has been studying, innovating and teaching business NLP since 1993 and probably has more experience in applying NLP professionally and seamlessly in business than any other trainer today. 

Online video training is now alive and kicking. You can sign up for my marvellous newsletter and receive course discounts, and if you're studying online Practitioner, Master Practitioner or Trainer with me then you can access the online learning resources.

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If you were looking for NENLP, you're in the right place. Simpler branding, everything else is the same.