If you've been looking for NLP Practitioner training, you have probably come across adverts for low price, instant gratification online learning, run by people claiming to have any experience of NLP credentials.


The coaching industry is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet and the demand for skilled coaches is going through the roof.

Being a coach is one of the most rewarding, exciting and fun things you can do.

Whether you become a full time coach who makes a living by alleviating suffering and helping peoples dreams come true…

Or use it as a skillset part time that pays for holidays or gifts for the kids…

…it’s an amazing way to make life more meaningful and develop a sense of pride about the impact you have on others.

Especially if you are already passionate about your own personal development, want to leave a legacy and enjoy learning.

But this presents a problem…

There are many, many “overnight” experts on coaching claiming to be able to help others become world class coaches.

They’re only in the industry because they are trying to seize the growth in the coaching space and profit from it.

And therefore they’re charging thousands, if not tens of thousands, for wishy-washy, shoddily put together programmes that won’t help you transform a client…and possibly even make the clients life worse.

I’m here to put a stop to that…

See I’ve been involved in the coaching industry since the late 1980s (way before it was cool to be a coach and way before the coaching industry was booming like it is now).

I’ve won awards for my services to the coaching industry (more on that shortly) and have been involved with the industry as a coach and trainer of coaches for decades.

Changing lives, and helping others develop the skills and confidence to be able to change lives too, is my passion and I hate to see opportunists jumping into the coaching industry and taking advantage of something I love and good people who just want to help others.

And that’s why myself and my team are doing something crazy…

I'm On Mission To Disrupt The Coaching Industry

I’ve been around the block long enough to know how this goes…

Because coaches are becoming more and more in demand these “overnight” coaching experts will be able to justify high prices for their coaching certifications.

And then the prices to become a certified coach will go up…and up…and up…

Before you know it the price to become a certified coach will be so astronomical there will be less and less coaches out there helping people because certifications will be beyond their reach.

I’m on a mission to stop that…

For YEARS I charged $697 for the exact same certification I am willing to let you have for just $7.

Less than two cups of coffee at Starbucks.

I realised I could either up my prices, like others are doing, or go the other way and charge far, far less than the opportunistic “overnighters” ever would.

Will this make me popular with them?


Does it make me proud that I can continue to help create world class coaches at a price anyone can afford?

You bet!

Is Becoming A Coach Right For You? Here’s A Simple Way To Figure That Out…

You’ve landed on this page because you’ve seen one our of online ads or read about what we’re doing somewhere that we have been mentioned.

You understand our mission, to save the coaching industry from greedy predators and continue to create world class coaches without the sky high fees.

But how do you know if becoming a coach is right for you?

Well in my experience you’re an ideal fit if you fit any of these criteria below.

And if you tick three or more - you may have just found a new calling in life.

Go through the list below and see if any of these resonate with you…

You want to live life to the full
You are interested in how the mind works
You want to feel valued
You want to leave a legacy
You want meaning and purpose in your life
You want to grow and develop
You want to learn
You want to have freedom to live life on your terms
You want to make the world a better place by alleviating suffering
You want to be proud of yourself
You fear not loving who you are
You fear missing out and life passing you by
You fear staying stuck in an unfulfilling job
You fear living below your potential
You fear not feeling good enough in life
You fear being ordinary and average
You fear not being excited and hopeful about the future
You fear regret
You’d love to be paid for work that matters
You’d love to be able to control your own emotions and help others do the same
You’d love to be able to look back on your life and think “WOW!”
You’d love to get paid to help the dreams of others come true

Now, you may read through that list and think “Everyone will tick one of those boxes” - but you’d be wrong.

Most people just want an easy life in the same career and are happy doing the same thing day in day out.

They never think about life passing them by or how they could be missing out on a more exciting and fulfilling career or not living up to their potential.

I’m guessing if you’re here, though, that’s not you.

My guess is that, like me and over 56,000 coaches I’ve certified, you want to live a full and exciting life and that list above speaks to you on some level and coaching others part or even full time could be ideal for you.

So, whilst £1095 is within reach of everyone, let me just put your mind further at rest before telling you exactly what you’ll gain immediate access to when you sign up…

Why Learn From Me? Undeniable Proof…

Remember how I said that the skyrocketing demand for coaches has led to many pretenders and opportunists jumping into the industry?

Well…how do you know I’m not one? Because you shouldn’t be spending anything, no matter how small, with people who don’t actually know what they are doing!

To put your mind at rest here is a small handful of things that you should know about me:

My clients include Hollywood movie producers, Professional Athletes, Multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, TV celebrities and people from all walks of life.

According to my clients, my 1K an hour fees are extremely good value when you look at the results they achieve.

I’ll put your mind even more at ease in a moment, and remove any risks with you signing up to the training.

First, though, let me tell you exactly what the measly £1095 price will get you - I think this is going to blow you away…

“I have fully audited the NLP Practitioner certification course and found the content to be thorough, well-founded and excellently designed to provide a logical learning-journey that will stimulate learners wanting practical skills in NLP. I can recommend this course.” - Dr Angus McLeod. Author, International Coach & Visiting Professor of Coaching at Birmingham City University. UK

Here’s Just A Fraction Of What You’ll Be Able To Do Once You Complete The Training And Have Developed The Types Of “Superpower” Skills On Offer…

When you sign up, for just £1095, you’ll get immediate access to an online training portal.

In the “old days”, when I used to charge thousands for this exact training, you’d be shipped a giant manual and CD’s and DVD’s. The box created a real thud when it was delivered that’s for sure!

But with the beauty of technology you can now gain access to everything digitally and immediately (I’d have never have been able to offer things at this price back when I used to send out physical versions of the training - the printing alone used to cost me nearly a hundred dollars per copy!).

Inside the training portal you will work your way through a series of videos and audio training, along with a little light reading, and learn how to powerfully coach anyone through any challenge and towards any dream they have.

You’ll learn proven approaches for “reprogramming” the human mind using the exact same strategies used by world famous coaches such as Tony Robbins, Paul Mckenna and more.

The training is permanently yours and you can work through it at your own pace.

Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll be able to do once you’ve completed the training…

Take control of your own emotions at any moment (and help others take control of theirs).
Reprogram any troubling beliefs or thoughts so no one need be victim to their thinking ever again.
Free yourself and others from phobias, bad habits and negative thinking
Skillfully use techniques and strategies that will break a client out of anxiety, low confidence, stress, depression and more.
Ask questions that evaporate the challenges that hold people back from their dreams.
Experience almost superhuman levels of self esteem and confidence and help others experience the same.
Masterfully read other people’s body language and feelings and unconsciously influence them so you have deep rapport and bonding
Elevate your communication skills to a world class level in order to always get across your message powerfully
Fully understand how the unconscious mind works, what its role is and how to impact it to create lasting transformation
Use story and metaphor to bypass your clients conscious mind and make changes at the sub conscious level with ease
Transform someone else’s emotional state by simply changing the tone and cadence of your voice
Help anyone create empowering and exciting goals and have specific steps and plans for achieving them
Rewire beliefs that stop people from achieving their goals using submodalities
Reconstruct old painful memories in the brain so they no longer cause trouble in the present
Be a wizard with language patterns and able to use them to create change in others using proven conversational change methods
Expand the limited model of the world a client has using the meta-model so they see a whole new level of exciting potential and possibility in themselves and their future
Help others to overcome internal conflicts using parts integration
Lead anyone from where they are to where you want them to be using powerful pacing techniques
And a whole lot more!

By the time you have completed the training you’ll be a world class expert in how to change the minds, behaviours, emotions, habits and feelings of anyone on the planet!

Here’s a question for you…

Do you think the world would be a better place if their was an army of “superheroes with superpowers” like the above who were out there helping friends, family and clients overcome their battles and blocks?

Of course there would. And I dearly hope you’ll be one of them.

So if you’re excited by the thought of transforming yourself and others, and are ready to begin an exciting new adventure, there’s only one last thing for me to mention…

At Just £1095 Can You Afford NOT To Sign Up? Especially Considering This No-Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee…

Listen, you could probably spend the next few hours scouring the street floor or checking down the side of the sofa and find £1095.

You can certainly “sacrifice” a cup of coffee at Starbucks, which is a spend you’ll never get back, in order to be able to invest in high value skills like these that last a lifetime and can create all sorts of exciting opportunities in your life up ahead.

Regardless of what a low investment this is I do realise that, for some, buying anything from a stranger is uncomfortable. And that’s why we offer a no-questions asked money back guarantee…

If, for any reason at all, you’re not happy with your purchase, simply email my support team on the email address you receive emails from when you sign up and they’ll refund your money in full.

No questions asked.

So the way I see it you can take a zero risk chance on an exciting new adventure as a coach and master “superpower” skills that will change your own life and the lives of others…

…or you can choose to do nothing, spend £1095 on something else and potentially miss out on a new you and a new high value skillset that will last a lifetime.

Not a hard decision is it?

Click below, sign up and access your training immediately…

Ready To Sign Up 100% Risk Free For A One Time Payment Of £1095? Click The Button Below

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This special discount is only available to you for the next 48 hours before our clever software removes it permanently and you will have to pay the usual full price.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get for £1095?

Immediate access to a complete NLP Coach and Life Coach Practitioner online educational platform containing over 32 hours of world class and peer reviewed training that will give you everything you need to start your coaching conversations.

Is it a one time payment of £1095 or are there any hidden charges?

No hidden charges. No slimy tactics. It’s a one time payment of £1095. That’s it!

Is this a properly accredited certification that actually means something?

Yes! You will be fully certified by the IBNLP as a NLP Coaching Practitioner - a globally recognised leader in the world of NLP and one of the longest running organisations in this space.

How do I get my certification? (Optional)

Providing you pass you can request your FREE pdf certificate which will have the current IBNLP seal on it. 

How long will it take me to complete the training?

You can work at your own pace. Some people like to go through the training in a week. Some take longer. This isn’t a race though. We want you to become a world class coach and speeding through the training, without taking anything on board, won’t get you to the elite level that you could do if you took a little more time.

Can I ask questions along the way?

I’m afraid I’m too busy to answer personal questions. There will, however, be options in the future to work more closely with me and other coaches if you wish to accelerate your learning and be part of a community of changemakers.

What if I don’t think the £1095 was worth it or decide coaching isn’t for me?

We’ll give you your money back! It’s that simple. But we think you’ll be hooked and blown away by the content and excitement of a new adventure!

If this is so good - why is it so cheap?

The honest truth is this training is currently selling elsewhere for £3000 and has sold in the past for £5000. We are running this test to see if people will buy at this price point but we are fully aware some might think “If this is so cheap it can’t be very good”. We all know you get what you pay for - most of the time.

Remember, though, that my mission is to disrupt the coaching industry by ensuring the opportunists don’t price out new coaches. So sign up and see for yourself that this has a very, very real value far, far beyond what you will pay.

It’s risk free remember!

If I don’t sign up today will I be able to sign up later?

Possibly. If this test doesn’t work out, sadly, we will have to raise the price or pull the offer completely so I cannot promise that.

“OK I’m in! I’m so excited! Where do I sign up?”

Join A Growing Movement Of World Class Coaches Today And Start An Exciting New Adventure Immediately…

Yes, friends, all of this is an example of the claims made by low quality, ineffective 'trainers' who are offering online training for $7 - essentially you're buying a certificate so that you can pretend to be a NLP Practitioner. If that's all you want, save yourself $7 and print your own certificate. Alternatively, if you actually want to acquire any of the skills promised, come along to a real NLP Practitioner training.